The Guys Guide to Avoiding 9 Common Online Dating Mistakes

Just because you have contacted someone or they have contacted you, do not assume that without putting in some effort, you are home free. Sometimes people just get busy with life; do not give up if a lady you have contacted is not responding back immediately.Women are looking for a well-rounded man who can make them feel good and show them a great time. You need to keep your positive attitude and show the woman whom you are meeting, that you are intelligent, you will listen and most ladies love a man who can make them laugh.For you to have success in the online dating game you should read the following suggestions:1. Just like yourself women browse profiles to help them find their match. Make sure you post a RECENT photo in a natural setting, posting a picture will give your profile 10x the views and if you are smiling, that will increase your chances of a woman contacting you by another 30%. Only send “private” pictures if she has requested them, many ladies will be quite offended and this will chase them away.2. Read and re-read your profile, use spell check when available. The women you are attempting to make contact with wants to know you are serious and that you took time and effort in producing your online profile.3. Show some class in your profile, women will not respond to someone with a profile name which has a sexual overtone. Unless of course you are on an adult dating site and you are in search of a one night hookup.4. Always be positive in your profile, women like a positive guy and are much more likely to be attracted to and respond to a guy who is positive.5. When communicating to different women make sure you personalize each email so they know you pay attention and were thinking about them. Some women on our site Singles Who Travel, could receive as many as 100 emails per day, you need your email to stand out so it will be read.6. You must show that you are interested in the woman you are courting. Ask questions about her, find out what her “likes” are… does she like to ski, does she have a pet, does she have children, what she like to do in her spare time, etc. Here are 3 simple questions you can ask to get her to respond to you. 1) What is her favorite Number? 2) What is her favorite Colour? 3) What is her favorite Flower? On a first date I took 7- Blue- Roses. Try it sometime, it shows you listen.7. Do not tell her things you will not be able to follow through with. If you have met someone who lives on the other side of the country, do not lead her on thinking you are going to be visiting all the time, unless you really can. It is generally better to try meet a woman who lives within a fairly easy driving distance.8. You must be honest, if you are married tell her up front. If you are straight up with her, you just might find a lady that’s happy to spend some time with you.9. No means No, if a woman says that she is not interested in you, please do not continue to send emails, it is a waste of time for both parties and you don’t need her to complain that you are harassing her.Have patience, it takes time to find someone special when using online dating sites and dating services, like anywhere else for that matter.