Adult Acne – Causes and Treatments

It may come as a surprise to some of you but teenagers are not the only age group to suffer from acne. Statistics show that almost 50% of female adults are likely to suffer from acne and 25% of male adults. For adults who suffer from acne it can be very frustrating because acne is traditionally associated with puberty and the teenage years. Adult acne is the term used for anyone over the age of 25 that suffers from acne.Why do I have acne as an adult?People develop acne when they are in their adult years for much the same reasons as why teenagers develop it though there are a few differences. Hormone imbalances – this especially applies to females when going through menstruation each month or beginning the menopause.
Stress – High levels of stress increase the severity of acne.
Lack of a healthy diet – a diet too high in fatty and sugary foods causes much oilier skin which leads to blocked pores and therefore acne.
Birth control – Again something specifically female related. The Pill or other methods of contraception that causes a change in hormone levels can cause a flare up of acne.
Genetics – acne has been found to be hereditary so see if any other family members suffer from the same problem.What can I do to treat my adult acne?Acne can sometimes increase in severity when it is developed in adult years. Acne is not just found on the face but can also flare up over the back, neck, stomach, anywhere. It is always advisable to seek out a doctor’s opinion on how to treat adult acne as not all treatments that are designed for teenagers will be as effective for adults.A healthy diet is paramount as an adult to help control acne. A diet that is low in fat and sugar will boost the immune system of the body and fight the bacteria causing the outbreak.
A healthy lifestyle is also as important. As the body gets older it is less able to fight off bacteria so it needs to be at its peak. This means no smoking or excessive drinking and to be fit and healthy.
Herbal and natural remedies are available both as raw ingredients, but, also ready-mixed to treat acne at home.
Shop bought products can also reduce swelling and inflammation but remember that the most expensive items do not necessarily mean that they are the most effective. Everyone has different skin tones and complexes and so will require something different.
Seek out advice from a doctor for severe cases as they will be able to prescribe antibiotics to reduce swelling.